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It’s snowing on Six Red!!

As part of our science focus week, we were very privileged to join a science workshop. We watched a few chemical reactions occur in front of our very own eyes. Amazingly we even witnessed snow being made! Well they did forecast snow this week…. didn’t quite expect it to happen inside our science pod.

What was your favourite part of this workshop?

14 thoughts on “It’s snowing on Six Red!!

  1. My favourite part of the science workshop was the polystyrene cup because when he put nail polish remover around the cup it literally dislocated half of the cup from the other half.You can also do this trick at home which is pretty cool.

  2. My favourite part of the workshop was the acetone and polystyrene cup trick because not only was it amazingly fascinating, but you can even try it at home! All you have to do is drizzle a bit of acetone onto the polystyrene cup, wait a couple of seconds, and pull it apart! bOoM! the magic happens right in front of your eyes!

  3. My favourite part of the workshop was when he sprinkled the instant snow on out heads. I also enjoyed when he poured the water in the snow and seeing it expand as it was so satisfying and cool. This was a great experience thank you Mrs Frankish for organising this.

  4. My favourite bit was when we did the nail varnish trick on a polystyrene cup
    We also did the leave blower and catched the 🎾.it was so fun.

  5. My faviourte part of the workshop was the shooting air one because I was burning then after I got to get cooler it was exciting day it was seeing lots of science great thanks!

  6. My favourite part is when he blew the ball up because it looks like magic. Also my favourite part was when they use nail polish remover to melt the cup.

  7. There was so many cool and educational science experiments but my favourite on is when the Nail Polish Remover Trick.
    Remember to ask for and audlts permission.
    Step 1: First, find a paper cup .
    Step 2: Next,find nail polisher remover.💅🏻
    Step 3: After that,drizzle some nail polisher remover on the cup.
    Step 4: Then,carefully pull the two pieces of the cup and watch it stretch.
    Step 5: Finally,enjoy.
    But I also love the machine that made it sound like lightning.

  8. My favourite part of he workshop was the fake snow because I thought it was fascinating. I also enjoyed getting to join in because the experiments were cool and fun.

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