It’s Story time in RH


We have an all new Adventure Time story area in RH.  It is an area where you can write stories!  atg7You can write any story you like but, to help you, I have put some characters out.

You might want to write about a brave hero, like Finn the Human.large


Or you could choose to write about a loyal and funny friend, like Jake the Dog.giphy (1)


Or maybe you would like to write a story about a super clever scientist, like Princess Bubblegum.giphy (2)tumblr_mn0jd9nOgq1qix8jfo1_500



Don’t forget our writing steps to success though.

  1. Write on the line.
  2. Capital letters at the start of a sentence.
  3. Finger spaces between words.
  4. Full stops at the end of sentences.

If you miss one of these steps to success you might make Finn scream.atg6


Have fun.  Every story that I get that follows our writing steps to success will win a prize.

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