Japanese Peace Garden opening ceremony – Broad Heath Noh performers impress!

What a wonderful day we have had! An event we have all been waiting so long for – the official opening of the peace garden at Coventry Memorial Park. The day started at the cathedral with our ambassadors greeting guests and then speeches by a number of people, including the Lord Mayor and the Ambassador of Japan.

Children from Broad Heath wowed the audience with their Noh performance – just brilliant!

We then moved on to the Memorial Park where our ambassadors spoke about the project and the garden was officially opened!

Well done to all the children who attended – we were proud of you all! Enjoy the video showcasing highlights of the day!


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  1. Wow Year 6! The effort and work that you have put into this performance is evident; hard work truly does pay off. How wonderful to see you performing in such a symbolic place, Coventry Cathedral! You have certainly been great representatives for BH! Well done!

  2. Wow Year 6! I am really impressed with the levels of creativity and confidence that have gone into your performance! You clearly have been working on this for weeks and this is clear in what you have done, especially in Coventry Cathedral! I was intrigued to see the art exhibitions too! Brilliant to see the links with Hiroshima, a very important part in world history that should not be forgotten!

  3. Well done year six what a great performance I really enjoyed this blog well done everyone and I really loved when you where wearing masks in the performance thanks for putting the blog up to day Mrs hurt really enjoyed the blog thank you.

  4. Wow Year 6. I am so delighted to see this blog. Congratulations for being wonderful ambassadors for Peace, and BH. Thank you Mrs Hurt.
    Mr R.

  5. Year 6, you were excellent ambassadors today. I was so proud to be there with you as part of the Broad Heath team!
    An excellent performance too!