We are getting very excited for this prestigious event which will start at Coventry Cathedral on Friday morning and finish at the Japanese Peace Garden in the Memorial Park in the afternoon.

Our young ambassadors will attend the event at the cathedral and play a role in welcoming guests. Jawariyah, Harun and Aiden will then go on to the garden to speak at the opening ceremony. All ambassadors will need to wear their purple t-shirt and hoody and must look smart!

Some children from 6 Red will perform a Noh play at the cathedral. These children should come to school dressed in black, which is what they will wear for the performance. Please practise your lines!!

We are looking forward to it and know that our children will make us all proud and be fantastic ambassadors for Broad Heath!

2 responses to “Japanese Peace Garden Opening Ceremony”

  1. Shahzaib A.

    Are we allowed to attend and watch them at the cathedral?

    1. Head Teacher

      no it is invitation only- sorry.

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