Journey to Japan – calling all Year 5 adventure seekers!

Interested in a trip to Japan in November 2019 with children from four other schools in Coventry? Please see Mrs Frankish or Mrs Hurt as soon as possible! Broad Heath will send two children from Year 5!

If you would like to apply for this exciting opportunity, you will need to read the attached letter, complete the form and return to school by the 17th December. 

Please read the letter and form carefully.

13 thoughts on “Journey to Japan – calling all Year 5 adventure seekers!

  1. I signed the Japan 🇯🇵 letter so I might be able to go I am sooooooo scared 😦😭😢🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 please can I go I am sooooooo happy 😊 can I go because I want to try and eat my food 🥘 I might even have the best day of my life and in my year can I go please I am desperate to be able to get picked

  2. I need to ask you something about japan should I bring the letter to your office or to you somewhere else because I really want to go to japan and get ready for it

  3. Japan! To visit Asia- what a wonderful opportunity! This is cheaper than Spain because it is being funded by the Japanese. I would love to go!

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