Joyce and her 25 Years!

Today was a sad day for Broad Heath, our Joyce left us after 25 years of supporting the children and staff of Broad Heath.
We all smiled and shared our memories, the personalised cards and some gifts to show our appreciation.

48 thoughts on “Joyce and her 25 Years!

  1. Joyce you will be greatly missed! You’ve always been here during my journey at Broad Heath – will miss your presence – but you truly deserve this! Happy retirement and ENJOY!

  2. Hi joyce I’m in year6 now and still remember you from reception. You were a great, caring person and an amazing gift towards BH. You deserve your well enjoyed reat.

  3. Hi Joyce, congratulations on your retirement. Children and we will miss you.
    Enjoy the well deserved rest. Wishing you good health and happiness.

  4. Hello Joyce. I will miss you – we all will! Thank you for all your help and support in Reception. Don’t forget to give me a wave still in the mornings.

  5. What can I say Joyce we both came from the old to the new Broadheath school. I’ve known you as a parent and DRA. You have always worked hard and you did you job showing so much care with the children. You will be missed very much a the school. Enjoy your retirement you deserve it.
    Take care .

  6. Oh Joyce! You really are a Broad Heath legend! We will miss you so much! You have been such an amazing support and our children adore you!
    Take care and enjoy your well deserved retirement xx

  7. Thank you for being my DRA when I was a pupil at BH all those years ago, and thank you for being my first ever class’ DRA in reception! Thank you for making a difference and you will be missed so much! Have a lovely, well deserved retirement :)

  8. Aww I will really miss her she was my faverite dinner lady. Bye joyce I will you! we all will misss you ❤💝❤💝❤🧡💛💚💙💜, and have a lovely week end teacher and chidren!

  9. Joyce – I’ll miss waving to you on Stoney Stanton Rd in the morning! And who’s going to organise me for Reception lunches on Thursdays?? We will all miss you!
    I hope you enjoy every minute of your retirement! Take care. Lots of love

  10. I will miss you even tho I don’t quite remember you I will miss you so much thank you for staying an BH for as long as you could. Remember to stay safe!

  11. We are all going to miss you very much Joyce. Thank you for all that you did for us in Reception. Enjoy your retirement. Take care. 😊

  12. Congratulations on 25 years Service Joyce!! Thank you for all your hard work and support over the years. I hope you enjoy your retirement. Take care of yourself. 🎉🎊

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