Jun Kaneko Challenge



Hello RD

Looking back on our ‘Jun Kaneko’ display can you answer the following questions?

Who was Jun Kaneko and what did he do?

Can you name the skills you have learnt?

What materials can you use to make a dango?

If I added white paint to black paint what would happen to the colour?

Can you draw a repeated pattern and bring in to show me.. the most creative one will get a prize!

Lets get creative!!



6 thoughts on “Jun Kaneko Challenge

  1. Jun Kaneko:

    1) Jun Kaneko is a artist, and became famous by creating some dangos. That contain lines, shapes, dots and many different colours.
    2) We made our own dangos by using different shapes and colour, lines and dots.
    3) We can use pencils, modelling clay and cardboard to make dangos.
    4) The colour will change into grey, and will become lighter.

  2. Jun Kaneko makes dangos and he is an artist.

    I learnt to make patterns in clay with a pencil.

    We can use clay and cardboard to make dangos.

    The paint would get lighter if I added white to black.

    Jun Kaneko came from Japan.

    My favourite thing was making the patterns on the dango colourful.

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