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Junior Librarians visit W H Smith

Broad Heath Junior Librarians paid a visit to the West Orchard branch of W H Smith today. They met the manager and asked him some very good questions.

How old was W H Smiths? How many books were there? Which was the most popular, fiction or non fiction?…


First they were shown the store’s stock room and sliding shelving system. They then looked at the children’s books and chose some for the school Library. This took some time as we discussed those books that were just reprints of older stories, those that were in hardback (and therefore expensive!) but were close to coming out in paperback, and those that were value for money e.g. one half price when you bought another copy or special offers e.g. the Star Wars book that Ibrahim found!

They were well looked after by the shop’s Manager, Mr Ian Broadhurst who answered their questions and gave them some free books for the Library. He also arranged a very good discount for them!

On return they had to “process” the books and put them on the stock control system in the Library and then onto the shelves.


If you look on the iMLS app on the Library iPads or any smart phone, tablet or pc, you can find out which books have been put into the Library from this visit.

The rain didn’t stop us walking there and back but they were a little tired at the end and almost went to sleep in the Library. Aaaaaah!

If you want to know more about their trip, ask them.

Many thanks to the staff at W H Smith for looking after them so well.

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