Junk Modelling in year 4

Today we planned our Tudor throne design.
To build this Tudor throne on Thursday, you will need to bring materials you require to build your throne.


  • Cereal boxes
  • cardboard
  • empty butter and margarine tubs
  • Spare materials
  • Kitchen roll
  • Foil
  • Cotton wool
  • Bottle lids

School will provide paint, coloured card/tissue, glue, sellotape etc.


Below are images of the fantastic Tudor Monarch thrones you created  using all the materials you brought in. Well done!

IMG_0441 IMG_0442

24 thoughts on “Junk Modelling in year 4

  1. I think we should of added some red to cover the Kellogg’s sighn,but we didn’t have time!😓😓?
    This is for my group only…What else do you think we should have added?🙄🙄

  2. Me ‘n Arshteep are gonna WIN!!! We’re gonna use; foil, cardboard, string\cushion, toilet rolls, plastic (if we can find some) and glue.

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