Just Dance

Mrs Sharma and Ms Janjua

This year the children have had the opportunity to attend Skills Academy and choose different clubs to enhance their skills or learn new skills. Dance club has given them the opportunity to learn a dance routine and perform it to music. Over the past few weeks the children have practised dance routines which have been difficult but they showed resilience and perseverance to complete the dance routine.

Alongside this, they looked at different countries and their dance styles. The countries they looked at were America, Russia, India and Africa. They enjoyed learning different styles from Bangrah to Hip Hop.

We are proud of your efforts and you have all made progress.

Keep Dancing

Name three new skills you have learnt in this club?
Have you had fun?
How can we improve it for next time?


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  1. 1. dancing routine and lots of new dances
    2. yes because then i have to dance i already know how to do it
    3 . keep practising and neve giving up