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Kate Cooper was born in Liverpool in 1984. A self thought artist without any formal art education, Kate Cooper started her career as a member of a collaborative art project named Auto Italia South East in London, whose goal was to explore various alternative forms of labor in art practices. After 8 years of collaborative work the project ended and she went on to pursue her own solo career.

Using a visual language she terms “hypercapitalism” Kate Cooper produces heavily manipulated images of women to question the representation of femininity in our age of consumption and digital technology. Her approach is informed by feminism and an interest in forms of labor and collaboration. She feeds this latter interest into her work as co-director of the artist-run collaborative, Auto Italia South East (est. 2007). For her own photographs and videos, she riffs off of the aesthetics of advertising, television, and other trappings of consumerism.

She has photographed live models and then digitally manipulated their images, transforming them into idealized figures. She has also worked with CGI technology, crafting images of women from scratch. As she says about these processes: “I’m interested in…the labor involved, and the position of those images, and what they mean in terms of representation.”

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  2. Kate Cooper i enjoyed lookong at your art picures/
    She lived in livpool.
    She used lots of qhotograqhs’She was bor in 1984 same as MrCarte.

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  4. She was born 1984. she is the popular girl.she uses she her imagination she think what she genu create. and she yours photographs. and real people.you the websit if you want to look at Kate Cooper her picture.

  5. She was born in liverpool.she maid reeul people into fake
    people.she did not use paints or pencil. she just used photograph to make art work.

  6. Kate cooper was born in 1984 and in Liverpool .She didn’t go to school she Lunt haw to do it her Way.kate cooper is a great artis and she is great at doing it. She is so much thimus.

  7. Kate Cooper was born in 1984.She used to make real people into fake people now
    She doesn’t. She makes fake people into real people.Kate Cooper makes
    body parts look 👀 realistic.

  8. Kate Cooper Artist was born in Liverpool in 19848.she made real people into fake people and she made fake people into real people.She has photographed live models and then digitally manipulated their images,transforming them into idealised figures.

  9. I learnt about Kate Cooper she draw fake people into real people. She famous and draw a model .She works in CGI stands for Computer Generated Images. She had an award in 2014 about her picture.

  10. I learned about Kate cooper she makes people into fake people.I learned about Kate coopeer she had a prize for here art work in 2014s.I learned about Kate cooper she is very famous.I learned about Kate cooper she makes modles.I learned about Kate cooper she makes pitcures out of pictures.I learned about Kate cooper she works very hard. I learned about what generatid means and what images means.I learned about Kate cooper she shot here work.I learned about Kate cooper she has alot of style in here brain.

  11. Kate Cooper was born in Liverpool in 1984.
    She always uses photos only.
    Kate Cooper never draws Couler or paint.
    She made fake photographs in to real photographers.
    Kate Cooper was not a normal artist.
    She was a good artist.
    She always thinks first.
    She was a beautiful girl
    She used something called cgi. That’s mean (computer(geneareted(images.
    Kate Cooper was was the best.
    Amazing job.
    It looks beautiful.

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