29 thoughts on “Khadijat’s Freire Jackes

  1. Colours:
    Bright and beautiful,bright and beautiful
    Colours of the rainbow,colours of the rainbow
    Red,Orange,Yellow,Violet,blue green.

    Hamda how did you come up with yours?
    Send me your secret whenever your free! On the blog.

  2. We are different,we are different
    We are all unique,we are all unique
    We are all different, we are all different
    In are own ways👩🏽➕ 💯 👧🏽➗ 💯👨🏽➖💯 👶🏽 ✖️💯

  3. Bunnies
    Eating carrots,Eating carrots
    Hopping up and down,Hopping up and down
    They’re so cute,They’re so cute

  4. These are great, these are great,
    I’m so proud!, I’m so proud!
    Very creative, very creative,
    Sing out loud! Sing out Loud!

    Thanks everyone – great efforts

    Mrs Temple x

  5. Halloween

    Zombies too,Zombies too
    Everyone excited,Everyone excited
    For Halloween,Trick or Treat.

    Hope you like my version of Freire Jackes!By the way Good Work 4WHITE you are achieving the incredible dream.WELL DONE.KEEP IT UP.I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. :)

  6. terrific table

    terrific table, terrific table
    better than the rest,better than the rest
    kind and carrying people ,kind and carrying people
    every day,every day

    • Trying hard

      Trying hard,trying hard
      Give your best,give your best
      Always do neat handwriting,Always do neat handwriting
      Well done,well done 👍🏼😀

  7. Clocks
    Clocks tell the time, clicks tell the time.
    Multi coloured, multi coloured
    They are all round, they are all round
    Clocks, clocks , clocks, clocks, clocks, clocks.

    Broad Heath school

    Broad health school , Broadheath school
    The people are amazing , the people are amazing
    Well educated, well educated
    Broad Heath school, Broadheath school.

  8. Birthdays

    Sticky,gooey chocolate cake, Sticky,gooey chocolate cake
    Lets add sprinkles too,Lets add sprinkles too
    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you

  9. Tea Time

    Tea time,Tea time.
    Have a cup of tea, Have a cup of tea,
    Don’t forget the sugar,What will you have
    What will you have,What will you have

  10. Fireworks

    Brighten up the sky,brighten up the sky
    Go bang please, go bang please
    Don’t go to near, Don’t go to near!!!!!

  11. kookaburra

    King of the bush,king of the bush
    Can I come for tea now,can I for tea now
    where are you,where are you.

    • PE
      We’re doing hockey,we’re doing hockey
      You are in the red team, you are in the red team
      Whose going to be goalkeeper, whose going to be goalkeeper
      Wow you did a great save

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