Knife crime workshop.

Today as a year group, we were very privileged to have a workshop delivered to us by two local policemen. We looked at how knife crime in particular is rising and how we can keep ourselves safe. The policemen shared some shocking statistics and how knife crime has impacted victims and their families. Additionally during the workshop we were given the opportunity to ask any questions to the policemen.

Together as a year group, we learnt so much about the reality of crime happening within our own country. We would like to thank the policemen for coming in today and taking out the time from their very hectic day. How can we ensure that we stay safe? Would what you do if you saw someone being attacked ?

16 thoughts on “Knife crime workshop.

  1. To make sure we’re safe we can not involve ourselves in bad things and if someone was being attacked I would call the police and run and get help to stop the attack.

  2. We can ensure to be safe by not involving in stuff such as gangs and drugs.If someone was being attacked I would call for help since I don’t have a phone I can’t call the police.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. We can ensure that we stay safe by staying inside most of the time and by telling a adult if you have seen a knife crime.
    If I saw someone being attacked I would go to the closest police station or ask someone older than me what I saw.

  4. I thought that knife or life was a very useful assembly as you have experience when what to do and not.I learnt a lot of by using a knife,the causes,the effects and the access to places.It ruins you whole life.

  5. We can stay safe by not touching stuff for example knife it is the most number one killing weapon in the uk right now and it is causing a disaster and most teenagers are getting killed in school anywhere so do not pick a knife if you see on on the floor or anywhere.If I saw someone being attacked i would calll the police straight away then call the ambulance and then go to the person and apply pressure to the blood and make the blood stop until the police or ambulance comes.

  6. Today two policemen came to tell use about knife crime and they were talking about how people have knifes and they end up being used against them

  7. Could maybe walk with a friends however never bring a knife because if you do you are most likely to be stabbed by someone. If I saw someone being stabbed a will call the police and tell them that someone a has been stabbed at this place and this time so then they would treat the injured person.

  8. I was so proud of the maturity of Year 6 as they listened carefully, made insightful contributions and asked thoughtful questions. Pete and Rob (the policemen) were impressed too. Well done.

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