KS1 PE – Cricket and coordination.

Hello everyone, and welcome to another week’s PE lesson. Firstly, congratulations! We had more students submit PE scores than any other primary school in Coventry, so let’s live up to that again this week!

Your sport this week is cricket. Just like last week there are two parts to this challenge. For the first challenge, you need to throw a ball against a wall from 1 meter away (or 1 big step) and do as many catches as you can in 60 seconds. The second challenge is to hit a ball through a target 2 meters away as many times as you can, again in 60 seconds. Then you add your two scores together to come up with your total. Simple! Here are some target scores for you this week;

30 – A fair effort

40 – Getting good

50 – Good

60 – Excellent

70 – Brilliant!

80+ – Make sure you counted correctly.

Once you have your totals you can post them on the blog to represent Broad Heath in the Coventry Schools competition. If you want to send them directly to the school games, you can also click on the link below to enter. Prizes are the same as last week – £5 gift voucher for the highest 3 students in each key stage in the city, and the best school gets £75 towards school equipment.


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