KS2 – Animation Week

This week, it has been the turn of children in KS2 to develop animation skills. Below are some of their end outcomes:

Year 3: Digital Animations (gifs)

Year 4: Stop-Motion Animations

Year 5: Scratch Animations

Year 6: Digital Animations

40 thoughts on “KS2 – Animation Week

  1. And the onion skin made the characters look like they are moving it was soo cool.
    But I just loved and I got little use to it.
    But I didn’t use the onion skin that much.

  2. Well done to everyone who tried to make a animation. We should all be proud because we have gained.
    I enjoyed this week but I wish we could pick any animation we wanted to do.

  3. I think I did good for the animations on the digital art pads. This week has been very fun as we planned and made animstions about cyber bullying.
    I hope everyone enjoys their holiday.

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