KS2 Spanish School Trip 2017

Some Year 5 and 6 children visited Spain this half term and had a brilliant time. Here are their thoughts on the trip. 

Would you like to visit Spain?

What would like to do when you go there? 

Why is it important to have links with other countries and children from other countries? [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms5o70GJDNM[/embedyt]

14 thoughts on “KS2 Spanish School Trip 2017

  1. I hope everyone who went to Spain this year had an amazing experience.I have already been to Spain with the school in year 4 and it was amazing.But I would like to go to Spain again with my family this time.

  2. I would like to visit Spain because the worlds greatest football teams play there.I would like to visit the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.I would also like to visit famous buildings such as Sagrada Famillia which is in Barcelona and Royal Palace of Madrid.It is important to have links to different countries because you can see which life style they are living and is it different to the life style we are living.Also you can learn different languages which can help you in your future.For example you might be stuck in a country and you studied the language they speak in that country you could ask for direction and get out of that country and return home.That’s why it is good to have links with different country.

  3. I hope you enjoyed this trip.This was a great opportunity to explore a different country and to compare the two different countries.Thank you for sharing your experiments.

  4. I would love to visit Spain sounds amazing. I would love to see all the sights they have. I think you should be connected to other countries because maybe one day you go there and you might need to know their language.

  5. I really enjoyed watching your video, I loved my time in Spain.
    You are selling your Spanish very short. You used lots of key phrases and words such as ‘Ola’, ‘Gracias’ and ‘Adios’. You could tell the Spanish children your name and age in Spanish.

  6. Thank you Mrs Frankish. This is a snap-shot of some of the children and their views, maybe some of the other children who visited Madrid can add some useful Spanish words and phrases that were used in Spain and also share some of their experiences on the blog.

  7. A super video Mrs Kiani, love the interaction. Please make sure it is posted on the international blog as well. You spoke very well, want to see more conversation in Spanish next time.

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