Well done to all those children who have taken part, some twice! Please please please, if you haven’t taken part yet, submit your scores on the blog for the 4 activities to help our school win the Olymp-mix challenge! We can do this Broad Heath!

Hi all, this is the last time you can take part and represent Broad Heath for the school games. You’ve done so well but we were overtake by another school for the basketball and we need to get back on top! Please complete these 4 challenges and upload the scores on the blog. Also, see the flyer at the bottom of the blog for free tennis coaching, it might be of interest to you guys. You challenges this week . . .

Please leave all your scores on the blog for each of the events, for example, my scores were; Ballance – 58 Volleyball – 50 Toetap – 50 Speedbounce – 40 Total=198

Gymnastics challenge – You need to ballance on one leg with the other out infront. Hold on one leg for up to 30 seconds then swap legs. If you get to 30 seconds you score the maximum of 30 points.

Football challenge – 45 seconds of to taps. Tap the ball as many times a possible on alternate feet, one point per tap.

Speed bounce – Bounce over an object as many times in 45 seconds, one point per bounce.

Sitting Volleyball – tap a baloon or pair of socks in the air for 60 seconds, scoring 1 point for every tap.

Add you score and put on the blog. Good luck and get active!


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