13 thoughts on “Lean on me performance 6 Red

  1. Love this.Well done to everyone!!!.Bukumi has put his heart out to this as everyone else too :)…Maybe this will not be done again but it will NEVER be forgotten..Oliwia xxx

  2. Well done everyone,we did fantastic and thank you to Mr McCabe , Mrs Janjua and the gospel touch for helping and supporting us this week as well as my classmates for working as a team to create a beautiful peformance.

  3. WOW 6 Red! This was absolutely amazing – it brought a tear to my eye. (I must be getting old!) Where have my little Year 3 babies gone?! So grown up and talented. You have all made me so proud. Bukumi & I were looking at our Year 3 talent contest videos today… Lowesha, Nana & Ahlam – I still prefer you in pink fairy wings!

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