20 thoughts on “Learn about Belgium

  1. Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. belgium has 10,000 people in it.belgium is a rich country and sell chocolate.belgium has a temperate weather,warm in summer may to september.

  2. 1. Belgium is a small country.
    2. Belgium has a yellow and red and black Flag.
    3. some people talk in Dutch and German and French.
    4. Belgium is next to France.

  3. Some people speak French,Dutch and German.
    Belgium is a smaller country than London.
    Belgium has a lot of people.
    The Brussels is the capital city of Belgium.

  4. Belgium is a country in Weston Erope.It has borders which France,Germany Lexembourg and the Netherlands.Belgium is a small coutry.Belgium is smallest coutry that is rich in history art,achchitecture and chocolate.They speak more than one language.Bressels is the capitals.The official of Belgium is kingdom of Belgium.

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