5 BLUE: Isolation (Expectations please read)

Good morning Five Blue.
I have made a video for you below, make sure you watch and understand what I am asking from you.

Learning blooms whatever room you are in!

I look forward to every child giving their 100% effort, you’ve made so much progress already, don’t let yourself down. I will be using the blogs to update my assessments of your learning and giving bricks for effort.

Remember we have 12 more bricks to earn.
(If every child completes their online working, you will earn a brick for that day)


Please make the effort to complete all school learning between 9.00am to 3.00pm.
Between 3.00pm-4.00pm- I would like every child to look back at their blog comment to see your feedback.
Please respond by completing the challenge asked or saying thank you.

Reading Journals
You still need to read and sign your journal (FIVE times a week).
Begin with reading your reading book, library book and when you finish let me know I will set you online reading books.
I will check all journals first day back!

Spelling Practice
I only want you to learn the words below ready for your 50 word spelling at the end of the year.
(Zain & Raees: Continue learning your week 3, 4 and 5 spellings on your sheet)

Daily TTRS
Mrs Habib will be sharing the following awards each day.
These children will be rewarded with treats when we get back to school.
*Top 5 speeds of the day
*Highest points on studio session
*Most improved speed every

Finally if you are in a phonics group intervention, please make sure you complete your daily phonics tasks on the blog.

Mrs Habib and I will also be listening to you read and checking in with you via zoom. I will post a blog over the weekend with the dates and links.

We have a reading session on Monday so make sure you attend with your reading book, journal and a happy smile! We can’t wait to see you all virtually. (Timings and links will be shared on the day)

55 thoughts on “5 BLUE: Isolation (Expectations please read)

    • Not this week, you must ensure all your blogs are done daily and the tasks are completed on this blog too.

      5B extra tasks;
      Spellings (50 words above)
      TTRS (Daily)
      Class novel tasks (Daily)

      Zoom links will be shared at 8am on the day. See you then.

  1. Hello Mrs Ahmed & Miss Habib hope you are having a Good Day I have done all my tasks on this blog Stay Safe and have a happy day I look forward to seeing everyone on the zoom😉👋👋👋

    • Ridwan!!! You are making so much progress and I am glad you are active on the blog.

      Just make sure you do daily handwriting practice, I would love to see it when we are back (Date it daily)

      Look forward to hearing you read via zoom on Monday, bright and early : )

  2. Good Morning, Mrs Ahmed & Mrs Habib, I hope you are both well and having a good day so far. I have completed my Maths and English work I just need to finish my PSHE work.

  3. Hi Mrs Ahmed me and laylah wouldn’t be in today anyway because we have a cold so hope you are safe I also made you a card but I will have to give it you when we are back in school BYE

    • Aww Lily, you make me the sweetest cards, I hope you and Laylah feel better soon. I look forward to seeing your learning on LBQ today, your blog response on the English blog and I bet you’ll have a lovely solution for Duncan on the PSHE blog.

      See you both on Monday, via zoom!

    • Gooooood morning Abdullah, I knew you would be on nice and early- good boy!

      Keep working, keep gaining and stay safe.

      See you on Monday via zoom : )

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