Learning from home expectations 6W

Hi 6 White!

I know that this is a strange time and that many of us are finding it a bit tricky to track what is going on, so I have made this blog to clear things up! Everyday at 9am, 3 posts will be put online. One will be maths based, one will be literacy based and the third will be related to another aspect of the curriculum (topic for example). Later in the day, I will be posting a class book blog and I am sure Ms Janjua will be posting others too! Not only this, there will be the British Values blog that you should be commenting on as normal.

On the maths blog it may say that you have been set work on lbq, I will be online to help with lbq from 10am-11am. However, the task will be available to access until midnight.

It is expected that you complete each of the three tasks set, whether that be in your homework book or online. Once you’ve completed the work, please make sure that you leave a comment on the blog stating that you have done so. I will be ticking off the work that each member of 6 white has completed – so please don’t think that this work is not being monitored!

If there is any work that you are struggling with PLEASE ask us for help, we are still your teachers (just like when we are in the classroom)!

Remember to spread love, happiness, smiles and good vibes to everyone you are in contact with!

We miss you! Stay smiley – make your mark!

Love Miss Vega and Ms Janjua :)

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21 thoughts on “Learning from home expectations 6W

  1. Thank you 6W for being there for me. You have been caring and resilient. I hope we’ll see each other again. It has been a pleasure being in this class. Everyone always lights up my day. Thank you all my friends and class. I will never forget what wonderful mermories we had together. I’ll remember every single one of you guys. Thank you Miss Vega and Mrs Janjua for teaching me with a smile every day. I hope you all keep smiling. Miss Vega I am very great full to have you as my teacher because you have made me laugh every time I was down. And you have incouraged me to be more confident and happy. I am also very thankful for Mrs Janjua for helping me any time I have had problems. Mrs Janjua has been a caring teacher, although strict to help me learn more new challenging stuff. Thank you Miss Vega for always making me smile all the time! I will never forget your lovely, joyful face. I hope my teachers and my lovely classmates are fine. This class has made me very joful.

    Sincerely Nargis!

    • Aw Nargis I truly am feeling lost not having someone rate my outfits out of ten every day! I just do not know what to wear (I am sure you are judging me whilst I read the class book though)! It has been wonderful watching you grow up into a sassy young lady and it has been obvious as your confidence has grown! You have made great progress this year so far, please keep up the hard work and do not fall behind, I have a feeling I will be seeing you sooner than later so do not act like this is a goodbye but a mere see you soon!!

  2. Thank you for the memories 6 white and the teachers (miss vega and ms Janjua). Hope you all stay safe and have great time with your families. Miss you friends and the whole class hope we see each other again. Yep I have some problems signing in spag.com and mathletics.

  3. I had a lot of great memories with this class . I will never forget them. Even though, us as a class have had our ups and downs we will always be together maybe not in person but in our hearts. I miss you class and I hope this isn’t the last time I will see you. I miss you guys so much. Thank you for being here 6W. You guys had always lit up my day. We still are the best team and will always be here for each other. I miss you guys.💓

  4. Ummm Miss Vega mathletics is not working nor most of the other websites should I just continue my worksheets and cup books on and reading .Also is there anything that I could do to enhance my English learning .Are their any books you would recommend ?Or any authors .I simply must quench my thirst for reading and writing . Please !!!😶😵🙏

    • Please can you make sure that you are completing ALL tasks set, not just literacy Ayesha ;) There is plenty of maths that you can complete, topic and a reading blog! I have also asked you to write me a book review on the last book you have read. Not only this, maybe you could create a ‘missing chapter’ from a book you have read, what could happens? which characters would you include? Have fun learning!

      • Also, how are you trying to access your mathletics etc? The best way is to use google chrome – there have been issues with other internet search engines!

  5. You have just lit up my day .Those memories have reminded me of all the fun times we have had together . Hopefully we will continue making them .

  6. Thank you for your educational support. I really miss my friends and teachers but I will still complete my revision. I have nearly finished my booklet regarding the Mayans and I have done 12 pages. Do I need to do more????

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