Learning in 1E

We have had such a fantastic half term in 1E. Please have a look at some of the great learning that has taken place and the wonderful work that we have created.


In our literacy lessons we have been looking at non-fiction. We have thought about features of non-fiction text and visited the library to find some for our classroom. 

We linked a lot of our learning with our Science topic ‘animal antics’ and found out facts about different animals! We used this to write our own non-fiction text. 

Have a look at our video to see some of our great work. 



We have learnt so much in maths! 

At the start of the half term we learnt all about measures; we focused on capacity, weight and time. We learnt about different units to use for different measures.

We then moved on to multiplication and division. We learnt lots of different strategies such as grouping, sharing and arrays. 

Our division learning helped us when we started to think about fractions. We were halving and quartering and learnt to write this as a fraction. 

To finish of our maths learning we looked at 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. 

Watch this video to see our maths learning and work!


We have had an amazing half term in science learning all about animals! 

We learnt about the 5 different animal groups and how to tell which animals fit into those.

A wonderful visit from the animal lady helped us to develop our understanding of this further. 

We learnt about different food that animals eat and sorted animals into food groups using Venn diagrams. 

We are very lucky in 1E as we have a vet role play area which has helped us to understand animal care and think about animals that make good pets. 

Nocturnal animals come out at night, we learnt all about these and researched different animals that are nocturnal. We had to understand how they were able to survive and move around at night. 

Look at this video to see our fun and exciting learning about animals. 

Think about:

What was your favourite thing to learn about? Why?

Tell me at least 1 fact you have learnt in Literacy, Maths and Science. 



2 thoughts on “Learning in 1E

  1. I had fun learning about science because we had to find interesting facts about animals and that was very exciting and fun.I came to know so many facts about animals that I was not knowing before.

    Literacy – We learned about non fiction like Lion is known as king of the jungle.
    Non fiction tell us things that are real and fictions tell us things that are fake.

    Maths – We learn to multiply numbers in arrays.
    We learn to share equally through division.

    Science – We learn about Nocturnal animals.
    We find out different categories of animals like herbivorous ,carnivorous and omnivorous.

    I had a great fun while watching above videos.

  2. You have certainly learned a great deal of things 1E. I am sure you love recalling all you have done. I hope the summer term is just as exciting because the photos show just how much you adore coming to school. I know your mums and dads will be engrossed by the videos.

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