Learning in 2W

Miss Smith would like to share some of the super learning that has been happening in 2W. Have a look and remember to comment to show me how super you are…

In Science, the children were solving a problem which the three bears faced. They had no tea bag! They only had loose tea leaves and the children were challenged to find the most suitable material for the job!

How did we carry out the investigation? What did we find?

In English, we have been looking at winter poetry. First we recited some poems, adding actions and instruments. This helped us to develop our performance skills and we gained lots of new vocabulary.

By the end of the week the children could write their own diamanté poems which were simply stunning. Once they had written a first draft, they edited and improved to produce beautiful display work. Tell me some of your best word choices…

In Maths we have learnt to multiply by 2. We did this in three different ways. Can you name them? 

In Topic, we have been learning about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. Can you tell me how they were similar or different?

We ended the week with some special children who earned an extra playtime! We had lots of fun playing tig and hide and seek.

24 thoughts on “Learning in 2W

  1. First we had our material and next we put loose tea in it and the dip it in and see if the water turned into tea. The best one was kitchen roll.

    My best word choices was sleet and snowball.

    We grouped we shared and multiplied by 2.

    They were working at creiman war. Florence Nightingale was younger than Mary Seacole.

  2. Well done all of you that when’s on the playground and the rest of you for doing good work. We found out that the kitchen roll was the suitable for the bears tea ☕️
    bags keep up the good learning

  3. We found out that the kitchen Roll was suitable for the bears tea bag and well done to everyone keep up the good work that was a fantastic video.😆🤚🤩👊💍

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