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Learning in Reception Red

What a fantastic start to the Autumn Term with all the children coming back ready to LEARN and GAIN.

This week we started their new topic ‘Fantastic Lights’ starting the week by attending the schools fantastic bonfire night and also learning all about the Diwali celebration.

Have a look at all the fun learning that we took part in this week:

What did you enjoy the most the most this week?

Why is the 5th of November celebrated?

7 thoughts on “Learning in Reception Red

  1. We enjoyed the bonfire night ameera was a bit scared of the loud noise at first but she loved it.. Many thanks to all the school staff for such a lovely experience.

  2. I enjoyed the broadheath bonfire night and fireworks the most! The fireworks were awesome and the big bonfire kept us all nice and warm! 🎆🎆🔥🔥
    The 5th of November is celebrated because it was the day that the gunpowder plot was discovered which was supposed to blow up the houses of parliament and kill the king. Bonfires are lit to celebrate the safety of the king 🤴

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