Learning in the school library

2C had an exciting afternoon and got to go upstairs to the new school library! We wanted to go to the library to learn more about Britain in the Victorian times. When we got to the library we were amazed and very impressed but before getting too excited we decided to come up with some library rules.


1. No shouting and stay quiet when in the library.

2. No running and stomping.

3. Be careful and gentle with the books as they are the schools property.

4. When you have finished with the book put it back where you found it.

5. Before leaving always check that the library is tidy.

As a class we were able to look around the library and discovered the fiction and non-fiction areas. The titles and labels gave us clues to where to find the books we were looking for. After finding our books we sat down on the comfortable chairs and began to read.


  1. Did you enjoy visiting the library during our lesson? And why?
  2. Would you like to go to the library again?
  3. What did you like the most about the library?
  4. Can you tell me any facts you’ve learnt from going to the library?

7 thoughts on “Learning in the school library

  1. 1 I enjoyed our lesson beacause i liked when we were looking for books and being quiet in the libary.2 Yes.3 When we were reading a book.4 I know that Oliver twist gone to work but there were rats all over the floor.

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