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Let Us Persuade You!

The children in 5 White today tried their best to compose a persuasive pitch for a new product. Their aim was to persuade their audience to buy their interesting product.

But, did it work? Have you been persuaded to buy any of the products here? Watch the video and comment below- did they persuade you? Explain why or why not.

10 thoughts on “Let Us Persuade You!

  1. In my opinion, I think Yibo ‘s group was the most persuasive because they worked as a team well. They also described their product, so the people who were watching their advert would know and understand of what the product is .

  2. Marcel’s pursuasive text was good because they were all working in a team,they used good persuasive language and they used really strong actions.

  3. Yibo’s group persuaded me because they described their product really well in their pitch.They also used good actions and persuasive language.

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