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  1. I completed the comprehension in my book.
    I really enjoyed this tale because it taught me to have patience when the couple was trying to have a child and they tried everything from herbs and giving offerings at the temple. They were about to lose hope when a baby was brought to them soon after.

  2. 1 th boy’s name is neoko
    2 the great wave
    3 they felt confused and happy
    4 confused because it’s long and came when he was questioning his self
    5 I think this might be closer to non fiction then fiction
    6 I don’t know this question

  3. 1.The name of the baby boy is Naoki.
    2. The Great Wave brought the baby to the couple.
    3.I think the couple felt joyous they finally received a baby,but they felt worried that he doesn’t grow.
    4.I would feel surprised because people think mythical creatures don’t exist,but there’s one here. I would also feel nervous because going to mythical creatures isn’t usual and normal. I think Naoki feels scared and nervous because he’s going away from his parents.
    5. I think the genre is fantasy because of the dragon. But more of a moral because of the message it says.
    6. I think the moral is that to be grateful and love the people who keep care of you and keep you safe.

  4. Thursday 9th June 2022
    To comprehend the book the great wave

    1) what is the name of the baby? The baby name was called noki

    2)what brings the boy to the couple? The big wave had gave a baby and everything went calm

    3)how do you the couple felt a boy?I think they were happy because they couldn’t get but get handed one and also I think they feel sad because they fed so much he wasn’t growing at his 7 birthday he didn’t grow an inch

    4)How would you feel if a mythical creature came to speak to you?doyou think that the boy feels the same way why?I would weird because I don’t no where he or she will take me and I think he kinda the same because scarf he doesn’t now where he going to go.
    5) what genre do you thinks this book is?whyI think the book trying to tell us to be grateful for your because they are not your really parent like how noaki has but really there whole care for you and you care for them

    6) Is there a moral to this story ?Explain Your answer?Yes there is because the boy is thinking who is his real parent and where are they

  5. 1, what is the name of the baby boy? Naomi.

    2, what brings the boy to the couple? A wave.

    3, how do you think the couple felt when they received a boy? The wife had most likely felt an upbringing joy after Aki came back with a child in his arms.

    4, How would you feel if a mythical creature came to speak to you? This mostly depends on what which my the mythical creature came to speak to me, saying it was the same as Naoki’s, I would feel very confused as to why, 1, I was chosen, 2, why it even spoke and, 3, why it seemed like nothing happened. Do you think that boy feels the same way? I don’t think he would as the book doesn’t show about how he felt, but since he hadn’t spoke after a literal dragon came to him as spoke to him, he wouldn’t.

    5, what genre do you think this book is? Probably fiction Why? Due to the fact a mythical creature spoke with a character.

    6, is there a moral to this story? I think the moral could be along the lines of “be grateful for what you’ve got” Explain. He wished to know his biological parents but eventually gave in that Aki and his wife were his ‘parents’ after a journey with a shape shifting dragon/fish.

  6. 1.Naoki
    2.A wave
    3.They felt happy because they finally got a baby from a wave
    4.I would feel scared or shocked I think the boy would feel frightened because you’ve never seen this creature
    6. The morale could be stay with your parents

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