Let’s Talk About the Fire Fighters

Can you see yourself in the video, if you can, tell someone at home about our visitors today.

What number do we call if we find a fire?

If our clothes catch fire, what three things must we do?

What did you think of the Fire Engine, who enjoyed spraying water with the hose?

What do Fire Fighters do as well as putting out fires?

One thought on “Let’s Talk About the Fire Fighters

  1. fire men and women
    We call 999 if we see a fire.
    If our clothes get on fire we should take our clothes off,roll over and throw water on them so they cool down.
    I thought the fire engine was really huge.
    I really liked spraying the water with the hose.
    The fire men also save cats when they climb on the trees.

    When I’m older I’m going to be a fireman.

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