What does the word “liberty” mean?

Individual Liberty
What we do with the things in our care is our responsibility. Things that may seem old or even broken, may be repairable or of great use to someone else. How have you recycled something?

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  1. Liberty means to be free and do what you wanna do. Once my friend Jenela was told off for being free out of school and for doing what she wants she wants to do.

  2. Liberty means the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s behaviour or political views.I have recycled thing by using the blue,green and brown bin outside my house.

  3. Liberty means respect ✊ and care for all thing and be nice to others weather they are different to you I recycled paper and toys.🤗✊

  4. I have recycled by splitting unrecycleable and recyclable plastics and items such as
    Plastic bottles.
    And also I have recycled old things like :
    A old vacuum cleaner .
    Or a old oven that could be re-used or could be made into something better .
    Or also old clothes sent to charity.

  5. Libraty means when you get your own say in things and things are not just done without your opinion an example is when somepeople are fighting and they ask you to join in you can say no that’s a example of libraty and also you don’t have to listen to them.

  6. I think liberty means that you are free to do good things but you shouldn’t use this opportunity to do bad things.

    Only yesterday, I put my old bike in the recycling bin.

  7. To me I think LIBERTY means that everybody has freedom and you should do things of your choice.I think it also means that everybody has their own rights but they obviously do have to follow the law as well as that.😀😀😀

  8. To me Liberty means everyone is respected and is treated the same. It also means that we are free and society is good. I have recycled something by re-using it before I throw it in the correct recycling bin before it’s collected up on Thursday morning.

  9. I think liberty means when you respect and care for all things and be nice to other whether they are different to you or the same as you you should treat everyone fairly.

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