Life skills education (DAaRT)

Today, we celebrated 10 weeks of learning! Throughout this unit of learning we have gained an insight to real life situations linking to identifying signs of stress, risks and consequences, knife crime, alcohol facts and completed resistance training.

DAaRT song

Our child led assembly

Certificate of graduation

32 thoughts on “Life skills education (DAaRT)

  1. We enjoyed this 10 week programme and we also learnt many things regarding our safety. Example : Risky behaviour, knife crime ,drugs and much more.

    Aleena Ellie

  2. I have enjoyed DAaRT programme because I was able to learn new things that I did not know before,For example,I did not know that you could serve a life sentence for being racist. In addition to this we have learnt about the choices we have and what are the Positive/Negative outcomes of those choices.

  3. I have learnt about many laws and skills to use in the future and what to avoid.I have really enjoyed this programme because it’s showed me how to keep safe throughout my life.

  4. I really enjoyed this DAaRT unit because I have learnt how to stay safe and healthy as I watch my little niece grow and this DAaRT unit has helped me learn that many dangers can come your way based on your decisions.

  5. DAaRT(Daart) was an alright programme of life situations and resolutions to the problems that they had created.
    For example one of the situations were communication where they had fell out with each other because of bad communication. Then the answer to solve the situation was for him to talk to his them, instead of being scared to talk to his friends ( who are the same age as him).

  6. I really enjoyed this DAaRT experience and I will use the skills I have learnt throughout my 10 weeks of knowledge of DAaRT throughout my life.It has been a great 10 Friday’s of DAaRT.(Ramadan mubarak everyone).

  7. I loved doing DAaRT so much. It taught me how to deal with problems, i will later face in my life. I was very intrigued learning about the health effects of alcohol and drugs. It was such a journey!

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