Light and Dark Topic in RP

This week, we investigated areas around school to find places that were light and places that were dark. Can you write a list of dark places and light places that we discovered?  Here are some photographs that might jog your memory. Can you talk about one of the photographs? Have you got any dark places in your home?




6 thoughts on “Light and Dark Topic in RP

  1. Outside in our car park it is dark at night and my bedroom is really dark when it is bedtime. It is also dark where I hide when I am playing hide and seek with mum in her bedroom. I get really scared because I am afraid of the dark.

  2. In the sensory room where my wheelchair goes is always dark.
    In the tent it is dark.
    There is always light outside and the playground.
    When Graham puts the lights on it is bright in the swimming pool.
    In our house it is dark in the dinning room and the kitchen.
    When it is night time the corridor light is on all night.

  3. A list of dark places are;kitchen,upstairs when it is night time,in the sensory room in school,near the office where there are computers.
    List of light places are;near the play area outside,in the office,that is all I can remember.

    • You have remembered quite a few places that we visited Muhammad. Well done! I can also remember that Martin showed us that it was dark in his cleaning cupboard. How did he make it light? Can you remember any natural light sources?

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