Lion King Music 3

Do you enjoy this song? What do you like about it- do you like the rhythm, melody, instruments?

What about the TEMPO? Is the speed of the song important to how it feels?

Which dance did you prefer joining in with?

Can you follow the shape of the MELODY (tune)? The low PITCH (sound) is on the left hand side….. and the High PITCH is on the right hand side.

In our Broad Heath family we speak over 50 languages.

How many languages did you recognise out of the 28 on this recording?

We finish with The Circle of Life Dance.

Can you join in?

Can you remember the dance moves?

Remember to keep in time with the music.

24 thoughts on “Lion King Music 3

  1. I enjoyed all the videos they were fun to watch I enjoyed the lion king video alot i enjoyed the bit were they took the lion cub to see there family.

  2. I enjoyed the dance Hakuna metata and I joined in.
    I recognise swahili language Hakuna metata as am from tanzania and we speak swahili at home.

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