Literacy – Adjectives and prepositions

Adjectives and prepositions can make our writing more interesting to readers but also help them to gain a better understanding of a place which is being described. For example;

There was a book.

There was an old, tattered book.

On the ancient table, there was an old, tattered book.

The more information you add, the more interesting the sentence becomes – within reason!  

Using the information in the texts you have looked at in the lesson, use prepositions and adjectives to describe an animal’s habitat. 



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  1. By sanna and safiya
    Polar bears live in bamboo forests which are very dense with lots of trees and plants and plenty of hiding places.In the snowy months pandas are well camouflaged.Adult pandas spend most of there time alone

  2. Sometimes lions hide behind dry yellow grass so they can easly catch there pray.
    Everyday the grass grows above the ground and grows as tall as a man.
    In the middle of the savannah the only trees that can grow on top of the ground is the ones that do not need that much water.

  3. Most lions live up in Africa due to the tempreture in there because if you put a lion in Antarctica the lion will freeze to death . Lions stalk in grass which would be a tall As a human because they need to stay under neath the ground to pouch.

    Imagine to wake up and find a lion your front door that happened 1000,000 years ago in Europe and Asia.

  4. Lions
    Most lions live in dry hot grasslands which
    Is called Savannah the lions are on top of
    The sand. There’s only two seasons that it
    rains in the Savannah and it rains on top of
    The loins.

  5. lions are at the top of the food chain in the whole of the world,it is a carnivore who eats zebras or deer most of the time.The mighty lion is classified as [the king of the jungle] the lion can eat up to 12 animals a day!!!!!.The zebra is underneath the lion on the food chain,and below the zebra is grass.This is because lions eat zebras and also zebras eat grass and grass eats nutrients from the soil below them.Most lions live in forests that why they are called [king of the jungle].

  6. Most lions live in Africa where there are hot dry grass lands which are called savannahs lions are adopted to Africa becaus it’s Savannahs are very hot. Lions which live in savannahs are lucky because they can hide in underneath the dry grass because they blend with the dry grass in the savannahs. The lions blend in with the savannahs because in the dry season the grass turns yellow that means the yellow grass blends in the lions fur in the savannahs. There are still lions adopted in Asia.

  7. Most lions live in Africa.
    They live in Savannah’s and dry places.Their skin colour is purr-fect to hide in the grass!.Lions habitats are huge and wide,the grass are yellow but it’s good for lions to hide. Lions are on top of the food chain!.

  8. Kangaroos live in Australia.The middle of Australia is the hot desert surrounded by dry grassland with small trees. There are around 50 kangaroos family which live in Australia. Kangaroos have soft pad on their huge feets .This means kangaroos don’t harm the dusty, fragile soil as they bound across the land.Across Australia there are big and small kangaroos jumping around.

  9. Kangaroos lives in Australia. Kangaroos live in the middle of Australia where Guinea and Nearby island is. There are around 50 different members in the kangaroo family in Australia. Kangaroos have soft pads on their huge feet. This means that Kangaroos don’t harm any dusty,fragile soil as they bound across the land.

  10. Polar bears are use to living in freezing and chilly artic.Polar bears have thick fur so they can stay walm.Did you know? That polar bears are the largest land carnivores in the world.The most important habitats for polar bears are the edges of pack ice where currents and wind.

  11. We’re polar bears live
    Polar bears habitat is at the very top of the world and they Are uslly wallking on the crisp dry ice.The polar bears have a thick coat which protects them from the icy weather.Polar bears have oar like paws to swim in the icy water.They also have sharp claws to grip onto the ice.Polar bear the biggest land carnivores in the world.
    Polar bears uslly eat sea food like fish and seals when the hunt they use teir huge nose to hunt for them selvs.Polar bears are at the top of the food chain.
    Lea and Ryan

  12. Polar bear live on top of the world were the Arctic is.
    They are into living there . They have warm fur to keep them warm they live in a icy fat cold habitat futhermore it is so cold that they have big fur and they have lots of fat. They have sharp clause to help them kill the food that they want and cut the food. The polar bears eats seals for there breakfast,dinner and lunch.

  13. Polar bears live in the artic which is at the top of the earth. At the top it is really cold because there is lots of ice. The artic is really far away from the equater. They are the largest land carnivores in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Polar bears live in the most northern part of the earth called the Arctic which is very cold and icy. As it is slippy, polar bears have sharp claws which help them to not slip and also, to catch prey to eat. They live near to water so that they are next to tasty fish and seals which they can hunt to eat. As they need to be able to move in water, they have big hands which help them to paddle. Furthermore, they have thick, soft fur which helps them to survive the cold weather. They also have fat on their bodies to keep them warm. The are the largest type of bear.polar bears are the largest carnivores in the world. They are really excellent swimmers.

  15. Polarbears live in the Arctic which is at the top of the Earth. It is very cold and icy so the polarbears need sharp claws so that they can have help to move on the slippery ice and catch food. furthermore it,s so cold there that they have big fur and lots of fat.polarbears have big claws to swim very good.

  16. Polar bears!
    Polar bears live at the top of the world in a place called the Arctic. The arctic has crisp dry ice so polar bears have sharp claws for traction on their feet. Polar bears white soft cosy fur helps protect them from the freezing cold weather. The temperature is below avenge wether for humans . Polar bears eat seals , fish and different sea creatures, they are also carnivores . As they have this diet, they live around water so that they can get food quickly when they need it.

    Nicole and Muhammed L

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