Literacy Homework for Mrs Chapman and Mrs Kiani

Year 3 have enjoyed reading an adventure story in Literacy this week about a little polar bear who gets lost but has lots of exciting encounters as he tries to find his way home again.  We have used descriptive language, multi-clause sentences and a range of adverbs to describe the story setting.

Have a look at this picture. As you can see it is very different to the icy setting of the polar bear’s home.pic tropical  Your challenge is to write a description of this setting, using all the techniques we have worked on in Literacy this week.  Challenge-can you use some fronted adverbials in your sentences?

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  1. Lars was in a hot and tropical jungle.
    It was so hot that Lars paws began to burn as bright as the sun because he was white.Suddenly when Lars was about to step into the deep blue ocean a big tanned creature shouted Boo! He then jumped out of the water and Lars ran away to hide, he hid behind a bush made out of twigs, but the creature saw him and said to Lars “Marcus can help you get home ,but first you must cross the stream and climb the colosul mountain”.

  2. When Lars came to the island he felt hot. Suddenly a animal jumped and shouted boo!. Then Lars ran so he could hide. The animal said sorry and he told his name.”My name is Henry” said the hippo. Lars asked Henry if he could help Lars. After a while something moved quickly it is Markus.

  3. The little polar bear was getting on a adventure with his father,it was in a shiny frosty place.They were having a sleep ,they put a hole bundle on them.suddenly when the little polar bear woke up He,was in the middle of nowhere it was sunny!The snow was melting.He found a block he,quickly jumped on it.

  4. As lars walked through the forest his paws started to burn on the floor.
    Suddenly…a big hippo shouted boo!
    Then lars quickly ran to hide but the hippo exclaimed its okay to come out.
    lars and the hippo were sorounded by long, thin, crunchy tree’s.

  5. the little polar bear was really comphused when he saw the land , the trees as a gaint. the floor colour is orange like is more hot in that place but in the north pole it is cold.

  6. Lars stood in large tropical jungle surrounded by tall, orange, leafy trees. The hot sand was burning Lars’ paws.
    There he met a hippo named Henry, he was very loud and noisy. Lars explained how he was lost and could not find his way home.

  7. Painionly Lars and Henry both stared at each other in the wild woods.
    The tall brown trees were as tall as bigBen.
    Bright green leaves hung from the trees swaying in the cool breeze.
    Beautiful sunlight shone on to the tasty grass and
    Boiling hot floor that was Burning lars,s feet.

  8. As the polar bear shook itself the floor was as wet as if it had just been raining. The trees covered up the blue sky as if the sky really was camoflauged. The bushes were as green as green grapes. The floor was dusty. The Hippo looked
    dirty. Law,who was a polar bear, came from the north pole.

    • A super description with a multi-clause sentence as your final sentence-well done! Challenge-can you try to use some fronted adverbials to vary sentence openers?

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