Literacy Homework Week 2

You have explored character descriptions this week and you have worked really hard to create your own phrases to describe characters feelings and appearance.

Describe the character below and explain what they might be like. 

week 2 lit hwk sum1

Bronze – Use adjectives to describe the appearance and personality of the character. 

Examples; green light, shining sun, dark figure, piercing eyes, large collar, frightening, terrifying, mysterious.

Silver – Use a range of sentence openers, adjectives and complex sentences when describing the character. 

In front of small round windows stood…

As he stood stroking …

When he looked up you could see that his face was…

Carefully, the mysterious figure…

Gold – Include a range of sentence structures, descriptive language and punctuation within your description of the character. 

You can use the sentence below to start your description if you would like to

Standing at the back of the room stood a large figure whose body leaned forwards over a shining green light. 


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  1. Beyond the pitch black darkness, which spread across the fragile ceiling ,an astonishingly glistening glow darted across the room lighting up all and everything . Gripping the mysterious emerald , a tall and lean figure intriguingly studied it gazing at every single detail with his piercing eyes . The expression less face of the curious male indicates his care for nothing except his lust for collecting the most priceless , valuable diamonds on the planet .

  2. I front of a round window stood a mysterious creature which had on a black coat.As he stood stoking a green glowing ball it started to get lighter.When you looked up you could see that his face was glowing bright.

  3. As an black figure stood still like a rock seemed he was holding a mysterious orb.All that can be seen is windows producing light inside to the dark hollow corridor.he seemed he was wearing a suit like it was special ecasion

  4. Standing in a dark room,a mysterious and a evel monster that seams to be a shape of a human.Looking in his eyes ther wore glowing like a moon lookinate hirs bod it was dark like nigh.Holding the green glowing lquid,moving siad to siad
    but if some one drank it they will be undorkontrol.

  5. Near the small round windows stood a mysterious figure who was holding a illuminaus light glowing.He was looking at the green ball of grass in a creepy way.

  6. Standing at the back of the room stood a large figure whose body leaned forwards over a shining glowing light. Carefully, he started to touch and feel the glowing light which was in front of him. He stood wearing a black, thick coat buttoned up to the top. The mysterious man had magical powers shock could take over anyone. The shining green light shone brightly towards the mans piercing eyes. Owls and bats were making thunderous sounds which was being heard by the man.

  7. Standing at the back of the room was a large figural which was warring a black suet with white buttons. In his hand the creature had a bright glowing green apple . his personality was very mean because he stolen the magic green apple .

  8. As the creature’s 4 horns pointed towards the misty clouds above,he glared at the the shiny green apple. Surrounding him was a large black coat,as time went on he tightly held the green apple as if it was something precious to him. The sunlight hit to the palm of the hand of the creature,his leather coat was covered with gold lines. As the figure stood fiercely, the sun reflected on to the glass window.His eyes gleamed in the dark like gold

  9. In front of a small sized window, stood a dark, mystical creature which was stroking a green majestic light.As he stood stroking the emerald green light, the huge collar of his stretched out to infinity.

  10. As the creature’s 4 horns pointed towards the misty clouds above,he glared at the the shiny green apple. Surrounding him was a large black coat,as time went on he tightly held the green apple as if it was something precious to him. The sunlight hit to the palm of the hand of the creature,his leather coat was covered with gold lines. As the figure stood fiercely, the sun reflected on to the glass window.

  11. In the dark world there was standing a tall tall man who was holding a light apple .The man had gold shing eyes that glowed his way out of the scary path.

    He had a black suit with a black stuff on him and he was looking at the glowing apple .

    Thank You For Learsing .

  12. The tall man who has a green apple in his dark shadow hands, which were as black as a smokey fire his dark head wich looks like a hard helmet,his cloths wich were as black as the night he had small botons on both sides of his dark black coat
    He has boton like eyes wich were gloing yellow . The mans personally is very evil and bad

  13. As Lord Darkness stood in the shadows, he held the mystical orb which was surrounded by a force field coloured light green. It sat in the palm of his gloved hands, his golden eyes shimmered with magic, his cloak was as dark as space and as blank as ever, the miniature windows surrounded the airship as Lord Darkness could see the depths of the ocean. Lord Darkness held the orb as if it was a special and precious object, his helmet shimmered with black titanium. Lord Darkness sniggered a few times but then there was a silence, he was intending to get rid of the day and save the night but all the time the light fought back, so he stole the gem of light but it caused his suit to malfunction and the gem came back to the village of light safe and sound.

  14. In front of the round small windows stood a large mystical man with a glowing object in his hands which looked like an apple shining as bright as the February sun. As he stood stroking his glowing apple coloured shiny green, and his eyes like bees. He was wearing a dark coat, which was like a witch’s cape. Carefully, the mysterious figure walked forward, the breeze of the wind pushed on his hair and went up like a roller coaster.
    He sat quietly, brushing his shiny apple like a gadget. He saw him in a shower of gold. His boots moved restlessly from time to time, like a baby rocking side to side. He stared at the apple as if the apple was something delicate and precious.

  15. This is Lord Darkness,he is plotting plans on his airship.He planned how to get rid of the light in the world, and to get total darkness to rule the world.Lord Darkness has stolen a special liquid to turn the lights forever.But there is a little problem there is not very much of the liquid,to create more of it he needs to get the hidden ingredients that are protected deeply underground by the people of the sun.

  16. In the basement of the seven seas, a black figure in a hooded cloak stood. He was tall , imposing and expressionless. He had a black coat which symbolised his relation to darkness. He looked faceless and emotionless, the only sign of life was the gleaming yellow lights on his face. His clothes made him look less human.
    He disguised himself in a mask which created an impenetrable barrier between him and others, guarding his emotions as if he wanted people to keep a distance from him.
    When he entered the dark cabin of the damaged ship, shadows seemed to swirl around his feet. In the background there could be heard the faint sound of the propeller as it thrusted the gushing water out of its way.
    The way his yellow eyes were blinking by holding the scintillating, fluorescent green orb indicated that he was resuscitating himself from the immense power of the orb.

  17. In front of the small windows there lead a tall figure which leaned forward. As the figure stood it was stroking a green vibrate ball. As the figure looked up you could see that his face was triangular.Carefully the mysterious figure looked around the mysterious building which had small windows around.

  18. As hi stands in black,scary room from his hand came out bright,green light his eyes were yellow bright like golden sun he was black standing in dark,black room.

  19. Standing in the black room stood a large figure whose body leaned forwards over a bright green apple.The man stared at the glittery apple with piercing eyes.As the mestoyries man had his black leather jacket on he heard a thunderous sound behind his garden door. The man ran as fast as he could back to his lab.

  20. Standing at the back of the room stood a large mysterious figure . His gloomy, piercing eyes shone in the darkness whilst he stroked the shining green ,light. The mystical figure wore a long , black coat with a large collar and shiny buttons . Bravely standing ,the figure wondered who would come to his den. As he walked towards the round window, the sun shone brightly at him . This gave him strength , power and energy. Behind him there was a large , vast door which led to a mysterious place .When people see him ,they may have mixed feelings of fear and nervousness because he had ambiguous looking . His spiky head with pointy edges looked like a frightening bat living in a dark cave which is full of mysteries.

  21. standing at the back of the room,a large figure whose body leaned forwards over a shining apple.The mysterious man glared at the apple with his piercing eyes.A mysterious green light appeard from the apple glowing at the mans eyes. As he stood wearing a black leather jacket button up to the top walking toward his lab.

  22. At the back of the room, stood a mysterious figure. It’s yellow eyes glowed luminously in the dark shadows of the spaceship. The thing helping light up the ship with creature’s eyes, was the mysterious liquid in the vial being held by the creature. The creature wore a black jacket with a huge collar and black gloves hiding it’s long crooked fingers.

  23. silver
    As the man in the black cape was stepping into the dark room he was holding a glowing ball which was shining like 10000diamonds.while he was walking the light grew bigger also his shadow.At the back of the room he stood looking like he was going to use the ball to do some thing evil Because of the room he is in.The darkness of the room goes because of the ginormous light shining.The man is from under water because he is wearing a scuba diver hat and he is inside a sumberine which are under water.

  24. while standing in dark room, a green mysterious light was in evil hands, who ever was he, it was in dangerous hands, he eyes was yellow an shining brightly.

  25. standing in the back of the room look a familiar man on his hand was a ball the ball was bright. it shine like a sun it was a green slimy ball the man knew it was something impotent it was a secret. what dean look at that man you see that his face was as dark a tunnel.

  26. Standing at the back of the room stood,a large figure whose body leaned forwards over a shining,green light,which shined like the sun. The mysterious,dark figure glared at his illuminated ball,with his wide,piercing eyes. As he stood tall as a tree,holding a great ball of power,he looked in the distance,daring anyone to come before him. He wore a long,black leather coat buttoned up to the top with golden buttons and two large collars around his neck. Looking around,in his den, the windows behind the mystical creature,seeped in light.

  27. In front of a round window stood,a large figure
    piercing eye as he stood watching then the night sky.
    whist he went outside as the owls and bats welcomed
    him like a king.

  28. In front of the small round windows stood a man who was stroking a green crystal with his dark black gloves.Slowly when he looked up you can see that his black curled hair looks like strips of snakes hissing.All of the sudden, if you dare look curiously into his eyes his eyes his face will be all red.

  29. while a bright, green,flashing light glowed in the pram of his black leather gloved hands. He starred at power inside the green toxic apple.

    As he stood wearing a long, black, thorn, leather coat button up to the top with golden buttons and a king like collar. Mr gold the dark one, now had all the power in the world.

    • Well done Lowesha! Really good use of adjectives and punctuation. Great finishing sentence, builds tensions and makes me feel nervous thinking what will Mr Gold do next.

      We will read this together on Monday and think of ways to improve it.
      E.g. Button up or buttoned up? :)

  30. As the man stood mysterious room he used the glowing green light to used it.he stare his wide yellow eyes.he has a black coat with black fur. As the wolf howl he heard it.

    • Isra some really nice description, but remember what we did in basic skills, try and add a new sentence opener to give more information about the sentence. E.g. Mysteriously, his yellow eyes glared at the glowing green light in his hands, whilst he wondered what magic was to come.
      Remember to describe any sounds or feelings in your sentence.
      Please re-write your description of the man.

      Where is he?
      What is his coat like?
      What might he be able to hear?
      What are his eyes looking at? Describe the golden ball.

  31. The dark and shadowy figure looks evil by the way its posture is. The large collars represent that the evil figure is like the chief of evil. The crooked fingers and the face shape show that the figure is not human.

  32. Standing at the back of the room stood a large figure with a long black coat in his hand was a green magical orbe, which was as bright as the sun.

    • Bukumi you can write a lot more than this, you have rushed the description. Please re-write.
      Describe using your senses, using figurative language, use adjectives and adverbs and complex sentences.

      Describe the room, the sound, the feeling, the characters appearance, the balls appearance, how the character feels?

  33. Standing at the back of the room stood a large figure whose body leaned forwards over a shining green light which was as bright as the sun.The man looked at his ball with his piercing eyes as he stood watching then night sky outside.The Owls hooted as bats screeched as loud as a lionwh roaring.While the moon reflected on him as the dark figure put on a brown cloak with a large collar.The mysterious but frightening man carefully pulled out a map of the world as he glared at the country England as he looked like he was a explorer on a mission.Whist he went outside as the owls ,bats and many more welcomed him like he was King .

  34. he is so scary and has a green sparkly power and he is dark as shadow also glowing glaces spiky fingers big jacket and it is so black.

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