Literacy Homework – Week 3

Describe the setting and character in the image below. 


Bronze – Use adjectives and complex sentences to describe the image. 

Silver – Use historical words, adjectives and complex sentences in your description. 

Gold – Use a range of descriptive phrases and sentence types to describe the image. 



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  1. At the train station,two lonely boys waited for their train,as they saw trains whiz by,with hands waving goodbyes.They were evacuees coming back to their city.They were anxious and worried,wondering what it might be like at there city.The children were thinking “When will our train come?”Steam trains were puffing out black,thick smoke and whistled CHOO!CHOO! The trains were black and dusty.After a while,their train came.They stepped towards the the train,waiting to go to their city,after spending days without there mother.

  2. As the crackling wheels of the train come to a stop. The whistle of the train gave out a loud scream like it was excited.
    Children were crying while the parents felt guilty for having to let their children go yet with the keys to there hearts. Smoke was traveling thought the air think like moss. Something whizzed thought the air the a eagle try to caught fish for it supper. “What was that yelled Jane.”…

  3. As the two boys were waiting on the platform patiently, they were holding heavy bags.Later they both heard a sound and it was the train. Then the train came and it was dusty and very old. Thomas and Eward leaped in to the train and warmed there hands near the flickering candle.When they warmed there hands they took a seat near the white candle so they wre warm.

  4. While the two boys were waiting , they saw a green , rusty train entering the plat form .As they went in the train there skin started to turn pale like snow. Both boys were wearing old fashion caps and black jackects.They each held something. One boy held a suitcase and the other held a parcel. Heavy smoke came out of the train chimney and noises of bells filled all over the place . The boys sat on comfortable seats. While the boys sat in the train they heard the wheel s scraping on the railway. The train’s engine was extremely loud . It roared like a lion’ s roar . They were heading to the country because there city was attacked.

  5. As the two lonely boys were standing on the platform one was holding a parcel and the other with a suitcase.They were wearing knee hight socks.The old and rusty steam train had its smoke puffing out like water floating freely.The steam train was as fast as a cheetah.

  6. Waiting at the station the two lonely boys stared at the steam train like glaring into someones eye’s and having eye to eye contact is well.The two boys were standing as still as a statue made out of grit rock, holding there suitcase with them.The two boys faces were turning pale as the white snow.The smoke from the steam train covered the hole of the steam train and slowly started heading towards the two boys, they were waiting for there train and were waiting for there train approaching station.:)

  7. The train is old and rusty and smoke is moving as the metal snake moves along the rickety track. There are two young children which are wearing blue and white clothes. The children are holding bags.

  8. As the train station entered the train station, it got more steamy. On the wooden platform stood two boys ,who were holding their satchels. The metal machine loudly raced to the side and all the way around in circles getting ready to reach the train station. Metal tracks get weaker every time the train passes by. The bright blue sky lighted up the trains path.

  9. As the steam train passed by, two boys stood up and gazed at each other. The black thick smoke floated in the air. Edmund felt unhappy for leaving his town. The cold breeze passed Peter’s face which made the skin go cold.

  10. At the train station ,two boys were waiting for their train as they watched trains pass by ,with hands and faces waving goodbyes. They were evacuees coming back to their home in the city. They looked anxious and worried ,with their faces pale after living without their mother ,but with people they had never seen before. The children were thinking ” Will our train come?”Steam engines puffed out steam and whistled choo choo! The steam trains were black and dusty ,making them look years old. The boys stared down at the rail way tracks sitting wondering ,” When is our train going to come?”
    The brothers looked around slowly and saw their train stop to a halt. They walked towards the train , waiting to go back to their home, after spending days without their mother. The two imagined about what they would see in the city, after the bombers went away.

  11. Silver

    As the rustic train pufed stheyem and roared like a steel and fears dragon.
    When the chidren borded the train they picked up their sachels and enterd the steel the chidren waved good bye to their mother the train chugged away.
    they tried to say goodbye but the train was to loud witch, ment that she could not hear them.

  12. CHOO!CHOO!somting green and larg was coming.As the larg box stoped SCRECH!a loud sound came from it.The two boys looked
    at it.Ther was a littil boy with brone hare and blue eyes.
    Other boy was big like dore also his hare ar yello.Exatitly both boys ran quicliy to the train.

  13. The train is old and very dusty.The train station so huge as a colossal city and it is very foggy. The train is as long as a tree and it is dusty and can go fast as

  14. As Thomas and Jane swung the door open Jane leaped over Thomas and rushed to warm her hands sitting near the blazing hot fire.candles flickered like fireflys crowding the room

  15. As the old steam train passed by it went choo choo and more people passed by.2 boys stood side to side holding each others hand which were pale.they was a dust from the large metal bird .As the metal bird zoomed past with a wush.

  16. As the wonky train finely trend up, there was a loud sound which sqwekt louder then a seaglul .” This train station is very very wonky and crucid ” Lucy said .
    They all thought what a lot of smok the smok was bigger then ash and smoke

  17. Waiting at the station the two lone boys looked as pale as ghosts,despite the welcoming station. Suddenly, a old green steam train pulled up filling the station with smoke. Staring at the train, the boys felt nervous about the journey ahead. Looking at his brother, the older boy saw he was very upset. Try to cheer him up, the boy said comforting things.But it didn’t work

  18. As the two lonely boys waited for a steam train to arrive,the little brother was upset of leaving his home as his brother cheered him up.All of a sudden black thick smoke filled the air whilst the two boys stood like soldiers waiting to see what was coming nearer.The smoke looked like black clouds and sounds went louder and louder.The boys screaming thinking it was a air raid.Suddenly a old rusty train pating in green came by.The younger brother cried as tears trickled down his face.The older brother nudged him and questioned
    “what has happened to you?”
    “I wish mum and dad were here!”replied the younger sibling
    “they did what they had to do now we have to go on the train!”shouted the younger brother whilst they went on as the older brother hugged him knowing they were going to be alright

  19. When the old man arived at the train station he was waiting for the children to get there the man had a face like a puffer fish and a wooly red muffler and had agiant sattal whith was dark chocolate brown he had a long white beard which was very very very curly and swirly he was a bold old man whith a wart on his face

  20. As Edward and Jane went aboard the dusty steam train ma waved and gradually fell in tears. Then the steam train zoomed as fast as a lighting bolt on the ancient rail way. Suddenly grey thick smoke puffed out the small circle hole which aloud the grey thick smoke to come out. Inside the steam train it smelled disgusting because of the people in the inside.

  21. As the two boys strode towards the edge of the train tracks they waited for the train to Arrive.suddenly, a rusty and ancient train covered in green gloss pulled up in front of the two boys very eyes.A mass of warm steam filled the train station,the youngest brother had drops of tears in his little eyes the older brother nudged his little brother and asked him “what’s up with you?” the little brother replied “I feel so lonely without mum and dad.” the older brother tugged his little brother towards the train and onto a seat as soft as feathers it was a long voyage but the smaller brother wouldn’t stop crying he sobbed “I wish daddy and mummy were here now” “Cheer up they were trying to do the best for us”said the older brother trying to comforting his little sibling.

    • Sam check again, your homework title is ‘Week3 4T Maths’ (If you’re in 4T’s maths groups).
      Let me know if you still can’t find it :)

  22. Waiting at the station the two lone boys looked as pale as ghosts,despite the welcoming station. Suddenly, a old green steam train pulled up filling the station with smoke. Staring at the train, the boys felt nervous about the journey ahead. Looking at his brother, the older boy saw he was very upset. Try to cheer him up, the boy said comforting things.

  23. As the steam train passed by ,the air was filled in black smoke from the old ,dusty train.Dust was covered all over the train.the railway was long as a giraffe.As Robert low and Ben Kane (the 2 boy that are looking at the steam train) were staring at the steam train which passed by , the wind began to howl louder and louder. Blooms bury train station was full of smoke.Robert low and Ben Kane were clutching their bags as there face went pale like snow.

    • As the steam train passed by, steam was all around the train.All that could be seen was black thick smoke covering the old rusty train.As the steam surrounded the station 2 girls stood still with pale skin. The dust from the steam train floated into their nose. The 2 girls had two wait the cold breeze made them freezing.There hands were pale red waiting for the train to arrive.

  24. As the old steam train arrives,the puffed up station gets more and more puffed by the steam train.In the distance on a platform two boys stand side by side with pale hands touching.the boys are clutching a bag each one has a suitcase the other a parcel. From the labels on their bags it shows that they could be evacuating from their home during war time. The clothes that they are wearing look like clothes like school uniform which includes a cap and knee height socks but these days in school boys don’t where knee heigh socks and no one can where a cap inside class only outside this tells us that tells us that it is from a long time ago.The picture looks yellow because this picture must have been took a long time ago but now our photos have good HD.

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