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Literacy Homework Year 5 Week 1

This week we have been learning about persuasive texts. The following is an example of one. Answer the comprehensions questions below in your homework book in full sentences.

1) What activities did Thomas like?
2) How many outdoor swimming pools are there?
3) What activities do they have for children?
4) What was new for 2016?
5) What special offer are they running if you book before January 2017?

1) What part of the world do you think this hotel is in? Explain why using evidence from the text.
2) Find 3 pieces of evidence that suggest the hotel is suitable for families. Write them in inverted commas, and explain why they are suitable.
3) Why do you think the quotes from children make this text more persuasive?
4) Find 3 key features of a persuasive text. Write down the part of the text in inverted commas and explain which feature it is.
5) Find one example of a rhetorical question. Explain how it persuades the reader to go to the hotel.


  1. This text is missing imperative verbs. Chose a paragraph where one or more could be included. Write the original in your book, then rewrite it with imperative verbs. Underline the imperative verb.
  2. This text is missing superlatives: find a sentence, write the original and then rewrite it with a superlative in it. Underline the superlative.
  3. Analyse the text: do you think it is effective? Do you think it is persuasive? Explain how. What would you change? What would you keep the same? What is different to the texts we have looked at this week?

11 thoughts on “Literacy Homework Year 5 Week 1

  1. Bronze
    1. Thomas liked the football tournament.
    2. There are outdoor swimming pools
    3. A huge indoor gym, art, drama
    4. Five plams midnight
    5. 10%discout is the special offer are they running of you book before January 2017

  2. Bronze,
    Thomas loved the football tournament and the obstacle course.
    There are 3 outdoor swimming pools.
    Children can enjoy clubs and the huge indoor gym.
    Somethings that are new for 2016 are the five palms midnight and the feast platter.
    If you book before 2017 January you will get a 10 percent discount.

  3. Bronze

    1) Thomas likes going to the football tournament . He also liked the obstacle course.

    2) There are there are three outdoor swimming pools .

    3) Kids can enjoy a huge indoor play gym and fantastic clubs, like a range of sports clubs , music ,dancing ,and obstacle courses .

    4) New for 2016 is a five palms midnight feast platter.

    5) In 2017 the special offer is book before January 2017 and receive 10% off .

  4. 1.)Thomas loved the football tournament.
    2.)There are There outdoor swimming pools.
    3.)The activities they have for the children are the indoor gym and also fantastic clubs.
    4.)The different things in 2016 are the five palms midnight and feast platter.
    5.)If you book before 2017 January you get a 10% discount.

  5. 1.Thomas liked the football tournament
    2.there is 3 out door swimming pools
    3.a huge indoor gym,art,drama and sport
    4.five palms midnight
    5.10% discount is special offer are they running if you book before January 2017

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