Literacy in 3 Blue

This week in Literacy 3 Blue have been looking at the prefixes ‘un’ and ‘dis’.  We learnt that these prefixes can change the meaning or purpose of words. 

Watch our video to see how we have been working with prefixes.

Can you tell me the meaning of the words: 





Red and orange groups can you use these words in a sentence. 

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  1. Displease means that you are disappointed.
    My dad was displease that I didn’t do my homework.

    Unfit means that you are not ready for the race.
    My brother was not unfit for sports day.

    Uncover means that you are covering a sofa for a surprise.
    My new sofa is a surprise.

  2. Displease means that you are disappointed .
    Dishonest means that you lied about something.
    unfit means you are not healthy.
    uncover means make visible.
    Sam was disappoint in you.
    I lied to my friend saying that I was going to play with them.
    If you do not exercise you will not be happy.
    If don’t cover your self you will be visible.

  3. 1. displeased means your unhappy.
    2. dishonest means when your not honest.
    3.unfit means when your not fit and healthy.
    4.uncover means when you take something off something.

    1. Miss Diaz was displeased because she went home with a headache.
    2. The boy was dishonest because he said he didn’t take the toy from the drawer but he had.
    3. The boy was very unfit because he ate to much and didn’t do any exercise.
    4. The mum uncovered the new sofa.

  4. Literacy homework

    Displeased means being unhappy or sad.

    I was displeased with the teams performance today.

    Dishonest means someone who is not telling the truth.

    The boy was dishonest to his friend in the playground.

    Unfit means when someone is unable to complete the race.

    My favourite player didn’t play today because the manager said he was unfit for this match as it come to soib for him.

    Uncover means when an oject has been found.

    The treasure hunter found some old relics as he uncovered them in a large field.

  5. 1. Displeased is an adjective meaning to be unhappy or unpleasant.
    Example – His replay displeased Miss Zaib.
    2. Dishonest is an adjective describing someone who is not honest; not worthy of trust or belief.
    Example – Dishonest people avoid answering questions.
    3. Unfit is an adjective meaning not physically fit; not adapted or suited.
    Example – The girl was unfit to go to school.
    4.Uncover: to remove a cover or covering; disclose and reveal.
    Example – We can uncover the windows.

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