Literary figures in 6 Red

This week, we have centred our learning around the author and poet, Benjamin Zephaniah. 

We did a range of learning that included:

  • Reciting poetry
  • Writing poems in the style of Benjamin Zephaniah
  • Learning about his life and challenges that he has faced
  • Used and learnt a range of geographical information based on Jamaica
  • Data analysis based on where our families originated from
  • Converted some of his poems into a more formal style
  • Using a VR headset to learn about Jamaica
  • Analysed a range of poems etc

We hope you all enjoyed this week.

What did you enjoy? What did you learn! What were your favourite poems?

Have a great weekend!

Year 6 Red team

4 thoughts on “Literary figures in 6 Red

  1. I enjoyed creating our own poems in the style of Benjamin Zephaniah.I learnt that Benjamin Zephaniah would write poems based on where he lived and he would describe it as a vibrant and peaceful place.My favourite poem by Benjamin Zephaniah is we refugees.

  2. I enjoyed creating my own formal poem and reciting it aloud.I learnt a lot of facts about Benjamin Zephaniah such as he likes slang or he just used them in his poems.My favourite poem is talking turkey.

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