Literary Figures Week – Floella Benjamin

This Week Project Week has been about Literary Figures. Year 5 have been learning about Floella Benjamin and her book called ‘Coming to England’. The book is a rollercoaster ride of her journey in Trinidad to England. Year 5 have enjoyed reading the book and learning about her life. They have had fun carrying out different activities based around the book. Come and have a look.

Did you enjoy reading the book? Why?

Which part did you enjoy reading the most?

How would you feel if you had to move to another country and re-start your life again?Explain in detail?

18 thoughts on “Literary Figures Week – Floella Benjamin

  1. I enjoyed the book because it was very interesting to know what happened in her life.My favourite part was when the family were coming together.

  2. I enjoyed the book ‘Coming to England’ since it had lots of emotive parts, dilemmas, solutions, emotions and meanings for each paragraph.The part I enjoyed reading the most was when Floella, Sandra and Lester came to England but England was not what they expected.If I had to start life in a new country It would be hard since I don’t know the language and I would have to leave my friends and family.

  3. I enjoyed the book because it was interesting and seeing Floella move from Trinidad to England and Reading about her new experiences that she never had before in her life, was informative.
    The part I enjoyed was when she went to school and got hit by a headmistress because she was a latecomer.
    If I moved to a different country It would be a new experience for me and it would be interesting to learn the lifestyle of the country that I would move to.

  4. I didn’t really enjoy the book 📚
    I part I enjoyed reading 📖 Was when the family re-united because if I left my family (not for a sleepover)I would miss to much to make my self ill 😷 .

  5. Wow 5 Blue- we had a fantastic week with some great work. I love all the drama- some very amusing pieces! Keep it up, let’s have another great week!

  6. Well done 5 blue high 5 get it you really partisapating Hello miss Starkey you are the best swimming teacher. ever cant wait for tommorow Whoo yey lets party .by the way you look pretty today and you will look tommorow right ;TOTALLY

  7. I enjoyed reading this book as it was interesting and had lots of problems.
    The best part was when the family got re-United.
    If I had to go to a new country and restart my life I would feel;
    Heartbroken-as I am leaving my whole life behind.
    Anxious-as I don’t know what is going to happen.
    Nervous-as it is going to be hard to start a new life.
    Hopeful-as I can try out new things and it could be good.

  8. I did enjoy reading the book because I learnt something new about Trinidad.
    The part that I’ve enjoyed the most is when Floella goes to school.

  9. Well done 5Blue. There was some tricky topics in this book but you handled them with maturity and sensitivity. You really worked hard and it was great to see your enthusiasm when you created your play scripts and acted them out. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

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