Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen was feeling very sad and sent a message to RD asking for help. Listen to the message below:

The children made and tasted lots of different types of breads. Then they selected the best one for the Little Red Hen.

IMG_6224[1] IMG_6254[1]

IMG_6230[1] IMG_6233[1]

The children also wrote letters to the hen telling her all about the delicious bread that they baked for her:



1. Can you name the different types of breads that you tasted? What were they made from?

2. What different shapes were the breads?

3. What wow words can you use to describe the bread?

3 thoughts on “Little Red Hen

  1. Little Red Hen:

    1) Cheesy Breed, Buttery Bread. I like to eat at home is Wholemeal Brown Bread.
    2) Thin, Long, Straight and Pointy.
    3) Yummy, Delicious, Tasty, lovely.

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