14 thoughts on “Liverpool Research

  1. Isn’t it liverpool cool and did you know liverpool is the fourth city.I like liverpool because its a nice view and it has lots of shops.Liverpool is such a nice city.Liverpool is so nice and beautiful.

  2. Liverpool is the 4th largest city.Liverpool’s town is cool. You will arive 2hours later.
    Liverpool is the home of tow football clubs in Britain🇬🇧.liverpool has two cathedral.
    Liverpool is a type like a football team⚽️.Liverpool is famous for docks.

  3. Liverpool is one of the biggest cities in Britain 🇬🇧
    Liverpool is famous for docks.
    Liverpool has two cathedrals.
    If two birds look at each other Liverpool city will crumble.
    Liverpool is a football team.

  4. Kate cooper is a artist that she makes women look real.
    Kate cooper was born in Liverpool in 1984.
    Kate cooper took pictures and put it on the internet.
    Kate cooper loved art because she was born to do art.

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