4White- Describing an Anglo Saxon ship

Watch the children who have made sentences to describe parts of the boat using prepositions. Can you identify the prepositions that the children have used?

Have a look at the picture; can you use prepositions to create your own sentences to describe where the Anglo Saxon ship is and locate the different parts of it?


3 thoughts on “4White- Describing an Anglo Saxon ship

  1. Anglo Saxon Ship:

    The Anglo Saxon boat, is very long and made to carry small army into battle. The boat is brown and has plain white sail. Its shaped to travel fast and quickly. Each boat has head shape to scare the enemeys or other boats that might harm them, you will find a scary dragon head on the front of the boat, that is carved from wood.

  2. The boat is brown as a tree trunk. The flag is as white as a cloud.In font there is a wooden snake head which is furious as a bull.

  3. 1.one of the children said next to the bow is a deck.
    The preposition is next to.
    2.another child said on top of the pole there is a sail.
    The preposition is on on top of.

    In front of the bow the blue ripples float around the sea.
    At the side of the boat the rocky mountains stood as tall as flats.

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