Look at our boats!

We were set a challenge for homework not only to create a pirate boat, but to create one that floats. How amazing they all are! Take a look at some of them below. 

Did our boats float? We put them in water to find out. 

What materials did you use to make your boat? Which material do you think was the most suitable? Why?

8 thoughts on “Look at our boats!

  1. Did my boat float?
    My boat do float.

    What materials did I use to make the boat out of?
    I made my boat out of plastic because it helps the environment because the plastic would have just went in the bin, so I recycled it.

    Which material do i think was the most suitable? Why?
    I think that plastic is the most suitable because it can help the environment and it it can easily float without sinking because it is not too light or not too heavy.

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