Look at our fantastic tie-dye t-shirts! πŸ‘

Hello Year 5,

Look at some of the amazing work which you all produced in our art/ topic lesson this week:Β 

I am super impressed with this work! I know not all of the t-shirts came out perfectly BUT the enthusiasm and enjoyment which went into dying the tshirts was phenomenal, well done!Β 

To impress me even further, have a go at evaluating your tshirts! What did you think went well? If you were going to do tie dying again, what would you do differently and why?Β 

Well done,

Miss Starkey πŸ’«

24 thoughts on “Look at our fantastic tie-dye t-shirts! πŸ‘

  1. Oooooo what vibrant colours and designs, well done year 5, I feel like I’m travelling back in time looking at these fab photos!

    Hmmm can anyone tell how many years I would be travelling back?

  2. I think my shirt went well because I had the right amount of colour on my shirt.
    To improve my shirt I would like to have a better pattern .

  3. i love doing tie dye.I thik i’am going to by the tie dye equitment
    and make fablous and pretty you khnow what i’am going to do it now.
    ohhhhhhhhh!i think i’ve got an idea.

  4. I think my t-shirt could’ve been better if I made the patterns more clear.If I was to do tie dying again I would tie my t-shirt differently because the patterns would be clearer and it would look more vibrant when I wore it.

    • A nice evaluation Umar. How can you make the patterns more clear? Which bit of your practice do you think you would need to adjust? :)

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