Lunchtimes – New “Dinner Lady Award”

Behaviour at lunchtimes in school is OK, it’s not bad BUT

It could be better!

We all need to think carefully about moving sensibly from one playground to another, and we need to think carefully about the games that we play (are they sensible?). And, remember there is no such game as “Play Fighting”.

The Dinner Ladies (and Rav) are going to look carefully at how you are playing and how you behave during lunchtimes and EACH Dinner Lady will award a “Lunchtime Sticker” to one pupil who has played well and behaved sensibly ( this also includes Playground Pals).

If you are awarded a sticker – save it (stick it in your Reading Diary), and when you have a total of 5 “Dinner Lady Awards” you will receive a Dinner Lady Award Certificate and a prize.




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