Luqman-Bromsgrove Swimming Gala October 2019

We all know that Luqman has a rather impressive collection of medals, as we celebrate with him each time. Today I was sent some photographs showing Luqman and his trophy for ‘Outstanding effort’ during the gala. I must say I was almost as impressed with Luqman’s personalised outfit!

Luqman shared the following:

“When I went into the gala I felt scared because there were big people there and they went faster than me”.

“I tried my best and I did not give up”.

49 thoughts on “Luqman-Bromsgrove Swimming Gala October 2019

  1. Well done Luqman! What an inspiration you are to us all, always trying your best. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your lovely pics. 💖

  2. Well done Luqman , you’ve done really well I can’t believe you wpn you did really well and don’t stop pushing yourself.🙅‍♂️🏆✅

  3. Well done Luqman! I hope you win lots of other prizes as well! We are so proud that you are brave and intelligent! Get more prizes so you can be proud of yourself.

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