Luqman-East Midlands Disability Gala 2019

Over the weekend Luqman competed for the first time against other disabled swimmers at the East Midlands Disability Gala. 

Luqman swam for his club, City of Coventry Swimming Club.

He swam in 4 individual events and 1 Team Relay for West Midlands against East Midlands and Outer Regions.

He got a bronze in his Freestyle, with an additional medal for getting a ‘personal best time’ (PB) and his team got Gold in the relay.

Luqman is very proud to represent Coventry in his swimming and his family share that ‘… it all started at Broad Heath with Graham and Mrs Frankish’.

Take advantage of the resources you have at Broad Heath – like the Swimming pool and golf course- and GAIN! 

I loved the comment by mum “Who knows, we might have the next Tiger Woods at BH!”

Music chosen by Luqman and Mrs Raja-Khan.

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