Luqman’s Medals

Here is a range of pictures taken during the weekend from Luqman’s participation in the National Games held by the Dwarf Sports Association.

In all he has 7 medals and was placed in 6 out of the 8 activities that he took part in. He won the most medals in his category (under 6) for his area (Midlands).

With swimming, he was placed in the Under 10 category, up against 9 year olds, and still achieved a bronze!

Well done Luqman!

Here is a photo taken of Luqman in school. He brought them to show the class with his daddy! image

16 thoughts on “Luqman’s Medals

  1. Luqman – please can I have your autograph?
    Splendid performance, well done – and how great to meet television personalities and sports stars!
    We will have to keep training hard now on Wednesday’s in the Swimming pool with Mrs Edwards because you need to have super fitness!

  2. Luqman – please can I have your autograph?
    You are making friends with sports stars and television super stars.How fantastic!
    Did you ask Warwick Davies for his autograph? I think he is really funny.
    We’ll keep training hard in the swimming pool with Mrs Edwards and then we can win some more medals!

  3. Well done Luqman. I am incredibly proud of your achievements. You are a determined and hard working boy. Continue to shine and I agree with Mrs Frankish…I’m sure we will see you win Gold in the future Olympics.

  4. Luqman you are a star and we are all proud that you have done so well. I wonder if you can bring your medals in to show all the Reception children?

  5. Wow what a great day you had. We are all very proud and pleased that you were so successful. Keep this up and I look forward to you being at the Olympics, perhaps 2024?

  6. I am proud of my brother because he has worked very hard. We had such a great and fun weekend, afterwards we had even more fun at the funfair on the bumper cars in Birmingham. Well done bro :)

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