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Mad About Science

This term in science, we are learning about space.   I would like you to research and answer the questions from our display, which will be displayed  on our science champion board. You can use morning class time to complete the task or you can do this at home.

Below are the links to help you:

UK Space Agency 

What have British engineers contributed to space exploration?


What experiments are being completed on the international space station?

European Space Agency

What research are the ESA completing about travel to Mars?

Science Kidz: Space

What facts can you find out about our solar system?

What galaxy do we live in?

BBC Bitesize: Space

Who is the most famous British Astronaut? How did he become one?

Our Universe

What is a black hole?

Why are they dangerous?

3 thoughts on “Mad About Science

  1. What is a black hole?
    Sunny: This is just to easy,the answer is:The Black Hole is a hole is super cold and the gravity inside a Black Hole is so strong that if you flew a rocket even near the Black Hole,the rocket would get sphettified which means it would stretch like a piece of sphegetti.

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